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Trauma Recovery UK has Trauma Recovery Centres across the UK and are specialists in trauma recovery. We work alongside a wide range of charities, schools and organisations that support children and young people and their families who have faced complex trauma.

We exist to facilitate the creative and purposeful recovery of children and young people facing trauma, challenge and crisis. We are a charity that provides creative, play, music and art psychotherapy to children and young people, as well as therapeutic support for their parents or carers in Trauma Recovery Centres across the UK.

We believe that recovery from trauma is possible. 

Trauma is defined as an experience which is overwhelming and hinders the child’s safety and security. Trauma causes a child or young person to feel terrified and powerless. At the TRC we facilitate recovery for children and young people as they process trauma, and support them as they piece their lives back together until a wholeness can be found.

You can find out all about the TRC by visiting our website.

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